Omnific Spiritual Programs

Omnific Spiritual Programs

The Grail Academy of Higher Consciousness activates their clients predestined omnific infinite potentials and then trains them to do the same in others.

Transcendent Spiritual Advisors quantum jump mankind into their new predestined reality where there are no limits.

The Academy offers 2 Omnific Spiritual Programs.

The first is Transfiguration which reverses a person’s biological aging, eliminates all non-genetic health problems to unlock optimal wellness and activates a person’s physical immortality, so their body never dies.

Grail Program 1

Academy Program 1


“The Activation of Personal Omnificence”

– Unlock your immortality.
– Eliminate disease and pain.
– Reverse aging.

The second is Legacy which unleashes a person’s personal monetary freedom.

The Grail Academy
Transcendent Spiritual Advisor Personal Monetary Legacies

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