JC Gordon is the Founder of the Grail Academy of Higher Consciousness.

He is today’s foremost authority on Omnific Spiritual Transformation because of the revelations he was revealed during his Near-Death Experience.

The Grail Academy’s mission is to transcend mankind out of their mind consciousness limitations and into their reverse velocity predestined infinite potentials.

The Grail Academy attracts those who know and feel something greater and better exists for them beyond where they are now.

The Academy appeals to many because they are intrigued by unleashing the infinite potentials of life JC was revealed during his Near-Death Experience.

For many they have known their whole life that their bondage and energetic slavery, which has been brought on by their mind consciousness prison, is not where they want to be.

Yes, I want a free 15 minute session with JC to learn how I can remove the bondage and energetic slavery from my life.

Books by JC Gordon

JC Gordon’s 2017 book Beyond Consciousness is a detailed account of his near-death experience.

It reveals the specifics about the Universal Mind downloads he received during it and how they are meant to impact mankind and life.

It will take you beyond the linear restrictions of time and reveal the timelessness that 100% consciousness is.

This book will begin to awaken your true magnificence and infinite potential and become your daily source of inspiration.

Beyond Consciousness

Preeminent Consciousness

Here’s what others are already saying about JC’s latest book The Quest to Perfection:

By Ken – 5 out of 5 stars!

It is a must read for everyone and needs to be taught in schools for every child to know. It is exactly what is needed now more than ever with so much darkness, fear and negativity in the world. It is the story of ultimate hope which begins with the author suffering a life changing accident when a chainsaw kicked back on him and sliced his throat wide open. He dies and had a near death experience where he had to come back with the essence of everything he was downloaded from the Universal Mind and 100% consciousness. He calls it the spontaneous genesis or great thought of everything and time is simply the uncompleted aspect of timelessness that anyone can individually choose to be a part of. He shows us that everyone living right now are living in the most profound period of time ever and we can completely change our lives simply by changing our consciousness focus from mind to heart.

If anyone is looking for the escape from today’s fear and negativity, this is where you begin.

By Ed – 5 out of 5 stars!

To say this book is mind-bending is an understatement. Not only does it carry a revelation about future prophesy, it carries a wisdom of what we actually are capable of if we learn to listen. Listen to what? Inner guidance on our quest for the perfect mortal engagement that has purposely remained hidden until now. This book is one that will be looked back on as one of the key triggers of greater consciousness evolution. It is a key to overstanding what is above across the veil and understanding that which we engage in below. This wisdom that flows here has eluded even the best minds for millennia. The journey that the Author takes you on is in itself an incredible revelation.

By Tera – 5 out of 5 stars!

If you know there’s a reality beyond what you can apprehend with your 5 senses, then check your mind in at the door, drop down into your heart and prepare for a personally expanded, conscious awareness of what’s possible when you engage with JC’s book. This is real solid soul food. If you yearn for utter clarity on how you will bring the difference you were meant to bring to Earth at this time, this book will begin opening that up for you. Give away everything you ‘know’ in service of connecting, with certainty, to the source of all-that-is. Lastly, if you know we are designed to experience life in great abundance – an abundance for all, of all we value, then I invite you to carve out a few hours … you won’t want to put this one down. Finishing this book at 1 o’clock in the morning, I was left with reverence, awe and grace.

Thank you, JC.

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